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February 20, 2010


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Hey Doc,
You should add "Was Superman a Spy?" by Brian Cronin to your list.

I also almost thought we'd never see Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol. 5 -- there should be a big push to pre-order this one so we get another after that.

Looks like DC has announced all their collected releases for this year, and so far Batman: Earth One isn't on the list? Trouble? I'm super-super-excited by this endeavor, but it's never going to work if they can't release them in enough succession to build a fan base.



Collected Editions,

You're more on top of this than I am, but could it be that Batman: Earth One isn't on the list because it is not a collected release, but an original graphic novel? I don't know if the list you're talking about includes graphic novels or not, but I hope this one isn't held up.

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