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May 08, 2009


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Hours upon hours of play! The imagination and possibilities were endless. Ahhh, the memories!


So you remember these guys?

Remember them? Until the fire I still had some of them. Only my swat guy was missing a boot and Action Jackson was missing his pants.(Seems like he had "built on" underware.) Some of my fondest memories playing countless hours under the trees. Funny what can bring you closer to your siblings. You know, I don't even remember who Action Jackson was. Maybe you can refresh my memory?

I had all those one in the picture except Frankenstein's monster and Aquaman. I also had the Six Million Dollar Man,Captain America and Captain Marvel

I would have loved to have Captain America! I love that character.I had the six million dollar man and Bionic Woman. Mr.T and Evil Kenieval...Does Donnie Osmond count as an "action" figure? :)

Anonymous Superstar,

Sounds like you were a Marvel person--with the exception of "Captain "Marvel." I never had Captain America, but only his partner, the Falcon. I still have the Six Million Dollar Man


I also would love to have had Captain America. My Evel Knievel stunt cycle still works. Donnie Osmond--an action figure? How funny! I did see his Broadway show in which he played the biblical Joseph in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. He did a lot of action. So I guess he counts.

Guess what? I was going through stuff preparing for a yard sale and found my six million dollar man and a swat guy! Emma carried them everywhere all day. Good for another generation. :)

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