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April 25, 2008


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i hope power girl stays over there so can she can be a vital important hero their because over on are earth she's just a pair of boobs and long legs


Thanks for reading and commenting. While Power Girl has always been "well developed" by the artists, the writers have begun to develop her character more. Did you read JSA Classified 1-4, the last few issues of JSA, beginning at about # 82, or Infinite Crisis? Power Girl is starting to show a lot more potential as a major player in the DCU.

I know what you mean in regard to relocating her to Earth-2. Perhaps she would be better able to shine without all the clutter of the New Earth where she presently resides. As Captain Marvel is overshadowed by Superman whle they share the same earth, Power Girl is likewise overshadowed by Supergirl. Does Power Girl have her own book? No.

I must say I do like her character a lot more than I did in the 80s and 90s. Geoff Johns has done a lot more with her character than anyone else. Maybe she does need to relocate.

yeah i read those issues and i like that idea for her character. so with that in mind i think that she's better suited to being a character that explores the multiverse and interacts with it that being her heritage and all.

I agree. Her heritage is a citizen of the multiverse.

Love those figures! I wonder where we can order them from?

(gotta get me a Superman)


I bought Batman yesterday at my local comic shop. He is now standing on the shelf in the home office next to my Earth-two "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Robin. They look great together. I did a search and these guys can be ordered from various web sites.

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