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March 01, 2008


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this book is one of my current faves. dynamic man is so cool and comes off as so complex. and you're heart wrenches in issue two when cap stands at his wife and sons graves. i hope they keep these guys around. i can totally see them becoming marvel's analog to the jsa or something.


I also hope The Twelve can stay around beyond the intitial twelve issue run. In addition to Dynamic Man, the Black Widow is also complex. I think we're in for some surprises as both these characters are developed and their secrets revealed.

If the JLA and Avengers can meet in a DC/ Marvel crossover--who knows? Maybe The Twelve and the JSA could team up. It's okay to dream!

The Captain Wonder scene was indeed moving. Like I said--the character development here is unsurpassed.

Dyanimite is doing a strangely similar series called Superpowers. It even includes the Dynamic Man.


My next post will be about Project Superpowers as part 2 of "Revival from Obscurity." Reviving obscure Golden Age heroes seems to be popular right now and I'm loving it!

I haven't tried the Twelve (mainly because I'm not generally a big fan of JMS), and I've been picking up the Superpowers stuff instead. I haven't been blown away by Superpowers, so maybe I'll give The Twelve a shot (since it's still early in the run). Thanks for the info, Doc!


If you try it let me know what you think. My personal opinion is that it blows Superpowers out of the water.

i agree. superpowers so far, doesn't hold a candle to the twelve

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