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February 03, 2008


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Great post, Doc! I, too, love the Golden Age Superman, and often felt that same "presence" when I was reading Kingdom Come, and I'm quite happy to see that version of Superman make the jump to the mainstream DCU. It's still not entirely clear what Geoff Johns has in mind for KC Supes, but I agree, he's certainly a worthy "replacement" for the departed Earth-2 Superman (who died a really pathetic death, I must say).

I just love the "gravitas" of the character, which speaks well of his maturity, experience, and pathos.


Thanks for commenting. I agree with your comments completely regarding the KC Man of Steel. Your last sentence sums it up well.

I also agree about the death of the Golden Age Superman. In Infinite Crisis, when he looked on with his Lois and Superboy Prime at what the "DC Universe" had become, I was lamenting right along with these homeless heroes, but with hopes that with the "dark" ages of the 90s behind us, comics might become fun again. And they are to some extent, but IMO DC still has a ways to go.

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