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January 01, 2008


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Nice haul! Especially the Batmobile, very nice.


Thanks for the comment. While some might think it strange that I still read comics, I even still get toys for Chritmas. I love staying young at heart.

hey dr. retro, it's me, kat. i love your batmobile! i was watching old videos and one was my younger brother's 3rd birthday, and he got a batmobile that he still has! my camera broke and i won't be able to take pics for a while :-(
are you like thirty or something? lol


Welcome! Glad you found me. I'm actually older than thirty. I'm forty-three. You can learn more about me by reading my "About" page. There is a link on the upper right hand side of this blog.

And I'm not the only adult toy collector out there as many comic blogs indicate :-)

In fact, I still have some Batman stuff I've had since I was three.

Hope you get a new camera.

hey dr. retro,

you spelled "sophisticated" wrong in your "about" section. (sentence: the writing and art are far more sophisitcated than some material of bygone eras.)
alright, talk to you later.



Thanks. I'll fix that when I get time.

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