I'm a fifty-something husband and father of two college-age kids. I chose "Dr. Retro" as my blog alias because I'm into nostalgic pop culture. While I'll be posting about new comics as well as old, even this endeavor fits the retro theme since many comic characters have histories going back several decades. I was introduced to comics during childhood which also fits the retro theme.

While comics are a major topic of this blog, I'll also post about vintage TV shows. But the topics overlap since nearly all classic TV characters also made their way into comics. The movies reviewed here will mainly cover the adventure, super hero, sci-fi, western, and horror genres, which have been popular in comics as well.

I'm also retro in that I miss the days when crude language, graphic violence, gratuitous sex and innuendo were all but absent from popular fiction. Don't be surprised if traditional moral values come through in an occasional post. While this blog is not a watchdog effort, nor is it a debate forum. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it.

That having been said, there is much to love about today's comics. The writing and art are far more sophisticated than some material of bygone eras. The special effects and realism of today's TV and movies bring characters to life.

The main purpose of this blog is to have fun and remain young at heart. I hope to educate the uninitiated with posts that are fundamentally descriptive of my hobbies. I also hope to interact with more seasoned fans. Perhaps we can share interests and pool our knowledge. But most of all, let's have fun.


Comics: mainly Batman, JSA, most Golden Age heroes. Like some other stuff too; Television: mostly vintage Westerns, classic sit-coms, and sci-fi. Currently watch Heroes: Movies: Favorites include Spiderman I, II, & III, old Univeral horror films. Batman Begins, and vintage series like Tarzan and Andy Hardy